Finding the best dive bars in South Florida is quite easy since there is a lot to choose from. Although a lot of the famous dives have closed for the past years or were converted into modern pubs, there are still many traditional dives operating especially in South Florida.

According to one reporter who made a research for the best dives in South Florida, her best dives would be bars that purely serve drinks with minimal foods, definitely not a sports bar, and a place you will never think of bringing your mother to. Based on her research, her favorite pubs in the region are Sam’s Hideaway in Florida City, Ugly Mug that is located in Delray Beach, and Grady’s Bar within Fort Lauderdale.

These dive bars have been operating for years and is also a favorite hub in the community. Regulars of the bars start flocking in once the doors are opened.

Sam’s Hideaway

Sam’s Hideaway is considered as the oldest tavern in the Mainland USA. Although this info has not been confirmed yet, the tavern has been a favorite with some of the rowdiest regulars in the area. If you are lucky, you may even get a free Jell-O shot courtesy of one patron who is well known in the pub to welcome newcomers with free Jell-O shots. Sam’s Hideaway is located off South Krome Avenue, behind the last gas station you will find when you drive to Monroe County.

Ugly Mug

The Ugly Mug is also a perfect place for those who just love to socialize and enjoy an afternoon with friends and with lots of drinks. There are loud talks and laughter while bartenders are busy serving wings and shots. Located on West Atlantic Avenue, Ugly Mug is a perfect dive bar for those who just want to do their thing without being bothered. You can converse loudly with your friends and no one will care, enter the pub topless or in business suit and no one will bother. This is place is friendly and welcoming to anyone.

Grady’s Bar

If you want a slightly different atmosphere, then you should try Grady’s Bar. Patrons love the good selection of drinks, especially beers, plus the good prices. While most dive bars offer minimal foods, Grady’s Bar is actually some of the few dive bars who offer minimal but delicious foods like burgers, fries, soups, and picked veggies. If you just want to relax with your friends, enjoy affordable drinks and foods on a lazy weekday afternoon, then Grady’s Bar is a good place.

Choose from these three best dive bars in South Florida and have the best time with your buddies. Drink and be merry but do leave your car at home.