Living In Florida City, FL

It is really gratifying because it is the maximum to live here, it is quiet and comfortable

It’s good because I love everything, there’s nothing to complain about

High crime rates and high poverty rates. Many thieves around those parts of Florida. The road work is horrible. Their is liquor stores on every corner in some parts of Florida city and I don’t think that’s what the kids need to grow up around.

It’s an all around horrible place to even drive through the people there are always watching you as you drive by like if they want to install fear in you.

Florida is the third most populated state in the United States, one of the most diverse in terms of the origin of its population and with a tropical climate very different from the rest of the country. All these characteristics make the state famous nationally for being “weird” or “extravagant”.

“There are 20 million people living in Florida and almost 100 million tourists every year, they are not evenly distributed in the territory, they are confined in a space of 40 or 50 kilometers along the coast and near Disney World.” , explains in conversation with BBC Mundo.