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by Ken Adams
  • FHSAA Schools Can Receive Free Pixellot Production Units Through New NFHS Network Program

    The NFHS Network’s High School Support Program will also provide schools with enhanced revenue-sharing opportunities for its livestreaming service GAINESVILLE, FL. (7/9/20) - The Florida High School Athletic Association  (FHSAA) announced today a new program that will enable its member schools that currently lack production capabilities to [...]

  • Top 10 Best Snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale

    All right, we’re in Florida! There’s so much to do, so much to see! You can go to the everglades and look at pythons and alligators… You can visit Miami and get a taste of the famous nightlife… Or you could just hit the beach [...]

  • Living In Florida City, FL

    Living In Florida City, FL It is really gratifying because it is the maximum to live here, it is quiet and comfortable It's good because I love everything, there's nothing to complain about High crime rates and high poverty rates. Many thieves around those parts [...]

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